Roget’s House of Mystery

Roget’s House of Mystery… Reborn???

Posted by Wes Decker on April 9, 2008

Unbeknownst to the greater internet, we’re back after a year’s hiatus. Inspired by Little Albatross’ recent foray into the wide world of webcomics, I’ve embarked on a journey that can only be described as getting the band back together. We’ll see how it goes. Though we are distanced by the waters of the bay, and now by half a state, the residents of RHoM will in some way always be residents of RHoM. Go ahead. Look it up on google maps. You can see where it was. Then go egg it. Bastard landlord. No, don’t egg it. I didn’t say that. Please?

A lawsuit really isn’t the best way to get a webcomic going. A least I don’t think so. After all, I’m just the, uh… well… I guess my role in this would be somewhat of a producer. We’ve got an artist back on board, and a pun-ist. Still waiting on the “real” writer, but he’s super busy. So, we’ll see. We’re excited. You should be worried.

I promise there will be an actual comic in the next post. Really, I do.

Can’t Have Awesome Without Me,



PS We like comments.


8 Responses to “Roget’s House of Mystery… Reborn???”

  1. Wednesday said

    Dude do I get to be Elwood or Jake>?

  2. Phoenix said

    I always wanted to be Elwood, so you can totally be Jake if you want!

  3. Patrick said

    Oshi- guys, save me a spot. I might be moving to Alaska for a year, and when my mom’s done with Albania, she’s planning on getting assigned to Afghanistan.

    tl;dr I will be living on my own, and hoooooly crap I would like to live in the Bay Area again.

  4. vinnie gee! said

    i always thought i possessed the “shape” of belushi lol

  5. *grins* I inspired you! And I’m on the blog roll!

  6. Artista said

    Yay! RHoM will always be alive in my mind, and now it slightly is for realsies! Drawings and puns to follow…

  7. todayisgrey said

    WordPress account created.

    Wednesday out.

  8. TEA said

    well i like sex, but we can’t always get what we want, can we?

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