Roget’s House of Mystery

You’ll Always Remember Your First

Posted by Wes Decker on April 13, 2008

I’ll explain, I promise. But read the comic first. READ IT!! Clicky to enlarge! Did you? Good. Don’t be lame and read the blog first. Who does that? Anyway, Wednesday works at a theatre as the resident sound guy. As part of his job, he maintains the microphones and mic packs. To prevent the actors’ sweat (EW SWEAT) from ruining the packs, they are wrapped in unlubricated condoms. The packs, not the actors. He needs the receipt in order to be reimbursed. This is the source of much amusement to us here at Roget’s House of Mystery. So yay.

And thus marks our very first comic! We’ve decided on updating every Monday to start. We’ll see how well our respective schedules gel and see if we can’t arrange more updates each week. You’ll notice that this one has gone up a little early. Let’s hope that’s a trend.

In the mean time, check out our “About The Authors” page, as it will be updated within the week, leave us some comment love, and peruse the other comics and blogs listed in our blog roll, as they are all written by sexy, sexy people. See you next week!

I’m Not A Cylon,



PS Clicky is fixed.

10 Responses to “You’ll Always Remember Your First”

  1. Anonymous said

    so funny but clicky did nothing. but i can forgive you I guess.

  2. Anonymous said

    haha I like it big brother. And the other creators of profound awesomeness.

  3. TEA said

    Wednesday looks awfully familiar.

  4. Anonymous said


  5. Anonymous said

    OMFG This is the best web comic I’ve ever read in my whole life! Seriously. No joke. The best.

  6. Heeeyyyy….you wanna do me a favor and change the link to Juxtaposition on your blogroll? Can you make it http://juxtapositioncomics.wordpress.com instead of the dot tk site? That way I can keep track of traffic better. Danke.

  7. Wednesday said

    Ja, done.

  8. rhomomg said

    Thanks Wednesday, I hadn’t the time to take care of that in a timely fashion.

    Also, jealous that you saw Forbidden Kingdom. I can’t wait to see it.

    Also also, for everyone, new comic up by the end of this weekend! Yay!


  9. […] of my new work schedule. But here it is! And a blog as well! I sit here, sweaty and gross (EW SWEAT), resisting the urge to shower in order to post a proper blog. It’s what the people demand! […]

  10. […] small changes and one larger planned change here on the RHoM site. I’ve updated the first two strips to be consistent with later, larger sizes. So that’s exciting. Also on the docket […]

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