Roget’s House of Mystery

Twelve Points

Posted by Wes Decker on April 20, 2008

There’s number two! Well, ladies and jellyspoons, we’re two weeks into this adventure, and it’s still pretty exciting. This week’s comic was written by our very own Whaleweigh, bless her twisted mind and bus rides from school, and illustrated of course by Artista. Due to numerous amounts of feedback from both readers and writers, we’re looking into a way to post the full image on the page, instead of the current preview as it is. Until then, clicky to enjoy.

The original intent of this comic when we first started giving it serious thought a year ago was to use it as a chronicle of our crazy lives at Roget’s House of Mystery. However, we no longer live in that bizarre house, and as such, the direction of the comic looks like it’s going slightly different. For those of you who know us personally, you’ll notice we’re refraining from using our real names in our comic. This allows not only for fun code name secrecy (Secret Moose to Secret Squirrel…), but it also lets us to expand the characters that have been based on us into very different persona. I’ll see if I can’t get a character page up soonish as we introduce the rest of our cast. Charlie here is based on me, but he’s not actually me. Anyone who knows me knows that I never have my uniform untucked. Also, I promise I’m not evil. He might be. Only time will tell.

Leave us comment love, tell your friends, check out our favorite sites in our blogroll, and stay excellent. See you next week.

Mercy Is The Mark Of A Great Man,
Guess I’m Just A Good Man,
Well, I’m Alright,


PS This is an incredibly accurate depiction of my hair as it progresses overnight.


23 Responses to “Twelve Points”

  1. Anonymous said

    I laughed out loud. And it looks just like you Phoenix. Amazing. For seriously.

  2. Anonymous said


  3. Wednesday said

    I’m evil.

  4. Wednesday said

    Oh and I love the Superman man jaw he has in panel two. Awesome freakin’ work Artista.

  5. tehartista said

    Thank you, darling :D

  6. rhomomg said

    I love how the majority of the comments on the site so far are our back and forth ramblings.


  7. Wednesday said

    Think of it as extra amusement for anyone who comes to visit the pages. It’s like a forum, only without rules, moderators, topics… ok it’s nothing like a forum, but it’s amusing!

  8. rhomomg said

    It’s like the special features on the DVD.


  9. eugene said


  10. Anonymous said

    Wednesday is right. It is extra amusement. Especially for someone like me, who has no life and comes back several times a week just to see the new comments.

  11. Switzerland said

    Anonymous is right about Wednesday being right (Blazing Saddles anyone?). i check and look at the comments entirely too much

  12. Wednesday said

    So I started commenting, on that but it was getting way to verbose so I’m just going to post it as a blog.

  13. Wednesday said

    So here’s my (sort of) aforementioned EVIL DVD commentary! idea.

  14. Wednesday said

    go excessive use of html!

  15. Artista said

    I feel like I should say something…


  16. Anonymous said

    I feel like I should have a name.

  17. rhomomg said

    Everyone should have a name! It’s fun!


  18. Anonymous said

    I think I like being Anonymous. But if anyone else leaves a comment who isn’t a “regular” then it can get confusing. Thought will go into this and something will happen.

  19. Phoenix said

    You could spell it funny?

  20. Switzerland said

    maybe something like Anonymity instead of anonymous?

  21. Lil deck said

    i think that Phoenix is right about everyone should have a name

  22. Wednesday said


  23. […] small changes and one larger planned change here on the RHoM site. I’ve updated the first two strips to be consistent with later, larger sizes. So that’s exciting. Also on the docket is […]

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