Roget’s House of Mystery

Starving Morlocks

Posted by Wes Decker on April 27, 2008

We apologize (except for Wednesday), from the bottoms of our hearts, for the shoddy art, the shoddy writing, and the apparent tardiness of the comic. We’re new to this, and as such, learning as we go. Both Artista and I had busy weekends, so you get what you get. So there. At least it’s extra big.

Couple new things to the site since last week’s blog: added a page called ‘Phoenix’s Thoughts’ where I’ll be dumping some of my longer rambles. We’ll see how that goes. (EDIT: ‘Phoenix’s Thoughts’ is now a separate blog. Follow the previous link to find it.) For everyone on Facebook, we’ve got a Facebook group. Join it for updates and to be awesome! You also might have noticed the filler post we had up for the last week regarding the comic status. That might stay for future strips, it might not. We’ll see.

Anyway, there you go. Our first truly lame strip. It’ll be better next week.

Now That’s A Name I’ve Not Heard In A Long Time,


PS No ‘ps’ this week.

5 Responses to “Starving Morlocks”

  1. Allison Bretall said

    Actually i think that was the funniest one yet. And very appropriate for the the time it was written in. Future generations being tortured by global warming will see it as a testament of early signs of the world gone wrong. or something like that. You guys are awesome. This webcomic already brings me great joy.

  2. Sister said

    Hahaha. I like to laugh out loud. And once again, RHoM delivers. I approve

  3. Switzerland said

    you guys were right. it was entirely too hot for pants.

  4. Phoenix said

    Man, it’s always too hot for pants. You know my favorite time of day.

  5. Wednesday said

    What is this “we apologize”>? I apologize for nothing.

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