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Filler For The Filler?

Posted by Wednesday on May 29, 2008

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Posted by Wednesday on May 27, 2008

What’s this? Almost 10PM on Tuesday and no new comic? Well don’t worry kiddies I’m certain the fine members of our staff here at RHoM (other than me of course) are hard at work on the next comic (see below post ^_^). This is just a minor set back (we’re all very busy) and if nothing is up soonish-ish I’ll write up a script…or something, but I wouldn’t count on it. The fine folks here (other than me) are all awesome people who will continue to amaze you while I sit back and crack jokes at their expense. In the mean time for your amusement you should go check out http://juxtapositioncomics.wordpress.com/ or one of our other friends, and come see Evil Dead the Musical’s West Coast Premiere up here in Martinez! Well don’t see the show in the meantime, it doesn’t open until Friday the 13th, but come see it. It’s gorey.

– Wednesday out.

*EDIT* I KNOW! I give you my oath that if nothing is up by the end of tomorrow (as it’s my day ^_^) I’ll put up some filler crap to tide you all over (it’ll be stupid, and it’ll suck, but it’ll be something). Can’t have our dear friends left hanging! Gotta keep the love flowing!

Leave an opening on your dance card for me!

– W


Yeah, they’re going to call my bluff. I can feel it. Fear not, I will come up with something. For this is RHoM and you shall except accept no substitutes!    (The masked grammar barron baron strikes again!)

I’m a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.

***EDIT the THIRD***

Alright Wednesday is over. I will post nonsensical filler before dawn

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Posted by tehartista on May 27, 2008

Comic is coming, guys. Sorry for the delay 0.0

So much for _________,


PS: Didn’t mean to steal your blog thunder, Phoenix ;)

EDIT: Hey kids, Phoenix here. Just reminding you about our contest! Full rules and info can be found here.

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I Almost Forgot A Title

Posted by Wes Decker on May 18, 2008

Does this even work?

And we’re back!

I’ll start with some important stuff first, so you can get on with your lives quicker. Mentioned briefly in last week’s post was a special activity. Well, we’ve decided to turn that special activity into a full-blown contest. Here’s the official rules:
* Insert your own dialogue into this comic.
* Try to keep it clean, kiddies.
* Email your submission to rhomcomics@gmail.com.
* All entries must be submitted no later than June 21, 2008 11:59pm PST. That gives you about a month.
* We authors will decide on our favorite and award that person with a unique, one-of-a-kind, autographed RHoM tshirt! Shiny!
*No, Wednesday, you can’t enter.

So get those creative juices flowin’ and let’s see what you’ve got!

How’d you like the art this week? Pretty snazzy, eh? We might just have to invest in a tablet of our own once Artista gives Ginger this one back. We’ve got big plans for the future, folks.

This week’s comic in particular has shown me the importance of compromise and collaboration in a project like this. When I first read the script idea, I wasn’t a big fan. I thought it was silly. But, it’s not my comic, it’s ours, so the draft was finalized and the art was drawn. Seeing it here in it’s completed form, I realize a few things. First, my opinion counts for close to goram nothing, but most of you knew that already. Second, trust in my partners. They do good work, and they won’t let me, or you, down. Third, sometimes the ‘best’ scripts make the ‘worst’ comics, and vice versa. Basically, it doesn’t even matter. This is a collaboration, first and foremost, and my initial reaction was manly and impulsive. This week’s is a fantastic comic. And I had nothing to do with it’s writing or arting. So, there. Enough of that.

Finals week for me. Putting the comic and blog up early so I can sleep. Enjoy the comic, everyone. See you next week. In the mean time, enter the contest, leave us comments, visit the blogroll, and go see Indiana Jones.

Also, je suis un bear. That is all.

So long, Lao Che,


PS You really want to win this contest. Trust me.

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Words Of Wisdom

Posted by Wes Decker on May 12, 2008

Here’s a few thoughts from Wednesday and Charlie. Apologies again for the less than ideal comic. Artista had a rough, busy weekend, so I’ll take the blame for the art in this week’s comic. Ah well. That’s life.

Hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day, which should have included enjoying our special bonus Mother’s Day comic. If you haven’t read it, you should. Just scroll down. It’s easy. You’ll notice some awesome art things happening in that strip. Artista got a hold of a dear friend’s tablet (thank you Ginger!), and she’s having lots of fun with it. You’ll see it in action again next week.

To make up for this week’s comic, here’s a special activity for you. It’s a fill-in-the-blank version of the “Your Mom” comic! Have fun with it. Email your awesome comics to rhomcomics@gmail.com! We might have a special prize for our favorite! Yay!

Well, see you all next week. We’re still trying to get into a groove, as far as art, dialogue, storyline, schedule, and basically everything goes. Once we get into the summer, maybe we’ll get to work that out. We’ll try not to let you down. In the mean time. Check out some of our friends, join the facebook group and leave some comment love! Ta ta for now.

Goodnight moon,

PS There’s a new gladiator on American Gladiators who’s named after me. I hope they don’t sue.

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Sweet Mother Of…!

Posted by Wes Decker on May 10, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.

Love you Mom,


PS This is a bonus comic. Back to your regularly scheduled programming on Monday.

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Meddling Kids

Posted by Wes Decker on May 4, 2008

This is almost an exact transcription of the internal dialogue I had with myself while deciding what to wear to see Iron Man opening day. Big surprise that one of the few times I fret about my outfit is when I go to see a comic book movie.

And what an incredible comic book movie it was. By far one of the best so far. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it, for fans and non-fans alike. For you Marvel fans, make sure you stay for after the credits. It’s worth it. All of us here at RHoM enjoyed it thoroughly.

Make sure you definitely click to enlarge this week, as the comic is now bigger and better! New and improved! Lowers cholesterol! Tastes great! Et cetera. We experimented with panel sizes versus speech bubbles sizes, and I think we’ve found something that will work well. We’re still falling into our groove, so to speak, so that means we’ll only get better with time! Like a fine wine, or cheese. Or your mom. Heeeyy-ooooo!

I always think of all these great things to talk about in the blog during the week, and promptly blank as soon as I sit down to post. So, I apologize for my babble-vomit. Anyway, enjoy the comic, leave us comments, join the Facebook group, visit our links below, read through the “archives”, and be excellent to each other. See y’all next week.

That’s how dad did it, that’s how America does it, and it’s worked out pretty good so far,


PS Seriously, go see Iron Man.

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