Roget’s House of Mystery

Meddling Kids

Posted by Wes Decker on May 4, 2008

This is almost an exact transcription of the internal dialogue I had with myself while deciding what to wear to see Iron Man opening day. Big surprise that one of the few times I fret about my outfit is when I go to see a comic book movie.

And what an incredible comic book movie it was. By far one of the best so far. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it, for fans and non-fans alike. For you Marvel fans, make sure you stay for after the credits. It’s worth it. All of us here at RHoM enjoyed it thoroughly.

Make sure you definitely click to enlarge this week, as the comic is now bigger and better! New and improved! Lowers cholesterol! Tastes great! Et cetera. We experimented with panel sizes versus speech bubbles sizes, and I think we’ve found something that will work well. We’re still falling into our groove, so to speak, so that means we’ll only get better with time! Like a fine wine, or cheese. Or your mom. Heeeyy-ooooo!

I always think of all these great things to talk about in the blog during the week, and promptly blank as soon as I sit down to post. So, I apologize for my babble-vomit. Anyway, enjoy the comic, leave us comments, join the Facebook group, visit our links below, read through the “archives”, and be excellent to each other. See y’all next week.

That’s how dad did it, that’s how America does it, and it’s worked out pretty good so far,


PS Seriously, go see Iron Man.


8 Responses to “Meddling Kids”

  1. Switzerland said


    nerd-gasms to the max.

  2. Anonymous said

    I look forward to Monday’s for this comic. It makes me happy!

    What is this? Requiring a name and email to post comments? I don’t like this. I haven’t had enough time to think about what I want to call myself, unless it will let me write in Anonymous. …Hmmm…

  3. lil deck said

    its an amazing movie like no flaws i saw it at 8:00 thursday night

  4. Sister said

    So insanely Phoenix. Amazingness. I would have laughed out loud, but the roomie is sleeping…

  5. Wednesday said

    I love how you’re trying to decide what DC shirt to wear to a Marvel movie.

  6. jennymafer said

    Ha! Brun and I saw it opening night too. <3 It was amazing…bruno was all happy afterwards because iron man’s an engineer Did you see the pretty preview for DK before the movie started?!

  7. Allison Bretall said

    awesome comic and also great movie. It’s probably my favorite comic book movie ever. robert downey jr. is a sexy drunkard.

  8. Phoenix said

    You know I don’t own any Marvel shirts. Or Marvel anything for that matter.

    Oh wait, my sister got me that Avengers ornament. I shoulda brought that to the movie.

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