Roget’s House of Mystery


Posted by Wednesday on May 27, 2008

What’s this? Almost 10PM on Tuesday and no new comic? Well don’t worry kiddies I’m certain the fine members of our staff here at RHoM (other than me of course) are hard at work on the next comic (see below post ^_^). This is just a minor set back (we’re all very busy) and if nothing is up soonish-ish I’ll write up a script…or something, but I wouldn’t count on it. The fine folks here (other than me) are all awesome people who will continue to amaze you while I sit back and crack jokes at their expense. In the mean time for your amusement you should go check out http://juxtapositioncomics.wordpress.com/ or one of our other friends, and come see Evil Dead the Musical’s West Coast Premiere up here in Martinez! Well don’t see the show in the meantime, it doesn’t open until Friday the 13th, but come see it. It’s gorey.

– Wednesday out.

*EDIT* I KNOW! I give you my oath that if nothing is up by the end of tomorrow (as it’s my day ^_^) I’ll put up some filler crap to tide you all over (it’ll be stupid, and it’ll suck, but it’ll be something). Can’t have our dear friends left hanging! Gotta keep the love flowing!

Leave an opening on your dance card for me!

– W


Yeah, they’re going to call my bluff. I can feel it. Fear not, I will come up with something. For this is RHoM and you shall except accept no substitutes!    (The masked grammar barron baron strikes again!)

I’m a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.

***EDIT the THIRD***

Alright Wednesday is over. I will post nonsensical filler before dawn


11 Responses to “Oh NOES!”

  1. Phoenix said

    I love how disorganized we are. It’s fantastic.

  2. Artista said

    Oh no! Blog madness! Everyone post something!

  3. Wednesday said

    Organization>? Who needs it!

  4. Wednesday said

    2 down 3 to go>? Maybe 3 down 2 to go, if you count the fact that Phoenix added an EDIT to yours.

  5. switzerland86 said

    i felt the urge to add something.

    so here goes…


  6. whaleweigh said

    Leave an opening on our dance cards for what? To listen to you whine and complain about all the better things you could be doing? You do not fool me Wednesday, I’ve been to dances with you and I am fully aware of the kind of torture required to get you on the dance floor, and I’m fresh out of bamboo shoots.

    Is Evil Dead really opening on Friday the 13th? That’s kinda awesome. Like a hotdog.

  7. Phoenix said

    Whaleweigh still doesn’t make any sense to me. You speak nonsense, child.

  8. Wednesday said

    Yes, Evil Dead truly does open on Friday the 13th.

    The dance card was simply a turn of phrase. Nothing to do with dancing.

  9. Artista said

    Woe is me! I fail at life (and drawing comics)(and having internet)! I think Phoenix might kill me sometime soon. I predict that it will be Friday….

  10. whaleweigh said

    Hey, maybe if he kills you then you can do a guest spot in Evil Dead the musical!!

  11. Phoenix said

    They’ll never find the body….

    hehe, <3 you Artista.

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