Roget’s House of Mystery


Posted by tehartista on May 27, 2008

Comic is coming, guys. Sorry for the delay 0.0

So much for _________,


PS: Didn’t mean to steal your blog thunder, Phoenix ;)

EDIT: Hey kids, Phoenix here. Just reminding you about our contest! Full rules and info can be found here.


4 Responses to “OH NOES”

  1. switzerland86 said


  2. Phoenix said

    Man, this should happen more often. I don’t have to do anything. It’s like it’s you’re my stunt double or something. Sweet.

  3. Wednesday said

    Dude, we always got your back. That’s what family’s for.

  4. whaleweigh said

    It’s like YOU’RE my stunt double. Ha ha! That’s what you get for doing something with a girl who works in a library! (also, visit http://www.jeffdeck.com/teal/blog/ It’s pretty awesome if you’re a complete and total dork like me!)

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