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There She Goes Again!

Posted by tehartista on July 14, 2008

Well, here we are again.  Blogtime!

Wait, I’m not your normal every week blogger!  Look out, ladies and jellyspoons, Artista’s on the loose!  Bwahahahha!!

*Ahem* Sorry about that.  Little power trip.  I’m over it.  In reference to the comic, I really was sincerely disappointed by the Golden Compass movie.  Ask Phoenix, he was there when I experienced it.  I was literally super psyched up for the next part, and then it effing ended!  I was so shocked.  Of course, anyone who hasn’t read the books (which are fabulous, btw) by Philip Pullman, wouldn’t understand my outrage.  It’s an anger similar to, and perhaps surpassing, the grinding of teeth at the Harry Potter movie phenomenon.  But as few must realize, spectacular animation can’t make up for butchering an entire series of books and Disneyifying them into movies.  Of course, I’ve heard they aren’t even going to make movies out of the next two, which doesn’t surprise or disappoint me, especially where they decided to end it.  Super lame.

Well, that’s the rant of the week.  It’ll be back to good ol’ Phoenix next week, thank the comic gods, for all of your sakes. Thanks for putting up with the slight lateness and silly content of this week’s comic, but I suppose it’s not that different from usual.

Until next time… I’ll be here all week, be sure to tip your waitress, unless you’re Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs,


PS: I had to check the spelling of “reservoir” like 3 times.  Weird word.

2 Responses to “There She Goes Again!”

  1. Phoenix said

    Yay! Great idea for a comic. I knew I could count on you! *cheers, applause, etc*

  2. tehartista said

    Grazie! :D

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