Roget’s House of Mystery

Mmm… Pizza

Posted by Wes Decker on August 10, 2008

This is actually a true story, to an extent. I’ll let you decide how much of it is fact, and how much is fabrication.

You’ll notice the comic is up on time this week. Yay! Artista felt bad for the lack of comic the other week, and got this one to me extra early. Success!

We now take a break from our normal RHoM blog format to bring you this special message, brought to you from our friends over at Kitchen Confidentiality. Well, there’s no real message. An old friend of mine from high school has started a blog about “recipes and relationships, from (his) kitchen to yours”. It’s got potential, I’ll tell you that. Also pizza. I love me some pizza. So check it out. It’s been added to the blog roll, so you can peruse it any time you wish. Looks like it’ll be fun to follow.

That’s all for now. See you all next week.

Be excellent to each other,


PS Party on, dudes.


2 Responses to “Mmm… Pizza”

  1. Wednesday said

    oh no. it’s all true. don’t think there are vikings any more>? well beware the wrath of odin.

  2. tehartista said

    Rose really is that gullible. Good job Phoenix :P


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