Roget’s House of Mystery


Posted by tehartista on August 18, 2008

And my mom’s computer (with evil Windows Vista) and Windows Paint save the day!  I miss you, Vera!

Anyways, Wednesday really did dress up as a “gay”-sha for Halloween a couple years ago.  I have pictures.  And it was quite spectacular.  Hopefully a tablet is coming soon!  Hopefully Phoenix and I will have a storyline coming!  Thanks for reading!

Nothing is certain until you are dead, and even then I’m sure God will compromise,


PS: <3


4 Responses to “B-E-A-utiful!”

  1. Wednesday said

    oh yeah, i would’ve been a sexy chick.

  2. Phoenix said

    I was totally about to swoop in with a ‘technical’ difficulties post, and was pleasantly surprised to find this! Yay!!

    And that same Hallowe’en, I was one mustache away from being Jim Gordon. I don’t know what was wrong with me for not thinking of it sooner.

  3. tehartista said

    haHA! I have a few tricks up my sleeves, apparently. But I think Wednesday has more, considering the size of his kimono sleeves. x)
    Oh, and I was a pirate. I totally kicked Jack Sparrow’s ass. And if not, I definitely kicked Will Turner’s ass. At being a pirate, that is.

    I get the sense I’m talking too much….

  4. switzerland86 said

    i have the sneaking suspicion i was Mario that halloween.

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