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Il computer non mi piace

Posted by tehartista on August 18, 2008

In addition to the bad italian, my computer is still out of commision. Yes, I know those have nothing to do with each other…

In other (better) news, I’m looking into buying a tablet right now since I have a bit of money now, hah. We’ll see how long that lasts.

These sorts of things just keep happening, unfortunately. I apologize for lack of comic. I’ll try to post something drawing and comic related later today… I need yelling birds to fill in for such times, like Jeph



PS: Is there a way to recover from Firefly withdrawls?


4 Responses to “Il computer non mi piace”

  1. Phoenix said

    “PS: Is there a way to recover from Firefly withdrawls?”

    Yes. It’s called Battlestar Galactica.

  2. Artista said

    Haha. Not the same thing.

  3. Phoenix said

    Frakking close enough. It’s all we’ve got. In a pinch, ST: TNG or SG:SG-1 will do. SG: Atlantis works as well. Atlantis has the quirky silliness that Firefly had at times. Also, Jewel Staite is on it. omgswoon

  4. switzerland86 said

    lol omgswoon phoenix.

    i tried to leave a drunken comment last night, but my computer decided to stop working for a bit.

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