Roget’s House of Mystery

Almost There

Posted by tehartista on September 8, 2008

Stealing Phoenix’s thunder once again, I’m doing the drawing and posting.

In order to understand this comic, you need to play the Mario Cart for Game Cube. And be as weird as we are. All I can say, is that you’ll have to walk a couple of Yoshis in our shoes to completely comprehend it.

Deliciously yours,


PS: It’s ‘MarioKart’. <3, Phoenix


6 Responses to “Almost There”

  1. Switzerland86 said

    i was gonna correct Artista, but apparently i was beat to the punch by Phoenix.

  2. Phoenix said

    Glad to hear you’ve got my back.

    Mini-RHoM reunion this weekend, folks?

  3. switzerland86 said

    i’m down.

  4. Wednesday said

    how the hell did we come up with bowser in a wetsuit>? I don’t even remember what was going on, just the joke,

  5. Phoenix said

    We were on the Yoshi track; one of us kept trying to take ‘shortcuts’ which inevitably dumped them into the water. Then we mused about how the drivers should carry scuba gear for certain tracks, and presto! Bowser in a wetsuit.

  6. Wednesday said

    *smirk* That was probably me. I know most of the shortcuts in the game… and am completely incapable of properly executing them.

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