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Who Was Venn And His Diagrams?

Posted by Wes Decker on September 25, 2008

Was he the most boring child ever?

This extra special Venn diagram is another little filler bit drawn by guest artist Cassie. It’s the best Venn diagram ever.

Thanks for everyone being so patient with us and our issues. Enjoy this midweek bonus comic, and see you all Monday.

And I hope you’re not lactose-intolerant because the next part of this word is,


PS I had no idea James Spader was on Boston Legal. Another reason I need to start watching that show.


4 Responses to “Who Was Venn And His Diagrams?”

  1. tehartista said

    Father, as you can see from my diagram, Socretes and I… both died.

    Oh, Eddie and his shenanigans…

  2. Switzerland86 said

    James Spader is only the frakking STAR of Boston Legal. for shame…

  3. Phoenix said

    I had never seen an episode until recently! Also, it took me forever to recognize him, as the last thing I remember him in was Stargate, and he’s filled out quite a bit since then.

  4. […] much for headgear, enchanted or not. This week’s comic comes to you again from Cassie, guest artist extraordinaire. Artista and I decided we’d take the week off, what with it being Thanksgiving […]

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