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Tolkienian Wisdom

Posted by Wes Decker on October 6, 2008

Any adventure that yields a good story is an adventure worth having.

One of the core philosophies I try to live my life by is to live with no regrets. It’s actually very easy to do. One way is to just stop caring. I don’t recommend that way. Instead I try to take something from every action, decision, mistake, etc, I make. Learn from the past, don’t dwell on it.

Okay, enough philosophizing for this week. Here’s another Charlie and Rose strip. They’re fun to write for, so expect more of them in the future. I promise we’re going somewhere with all this. Just stay tuned. Everyone just sit back and enjoy the art this week. Absolutely fantastic, Artista. I particularly love how nonchalantly Charlie chucks that red shell at the tailing car. Also the wind in his hair. Our artist kicks major booty.

Shout out and thank you to Sean and Mimi, who recently upgraded their site and added a links page, with us among their friends! Yay! If you haven’t checked out their comic, which is equal levels hilarious and adorable, shame on you you should.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. See you all next week.

Not even undomesticated equines could remove me,


PS Reiterating (probably just iterating to some of you) the fact that Craig Ferguson is my hero.


4 Responses to “Tolkienian Wisdom”

  1. Switzerland86 said

    i, like Charlie, will not hesitate to punch a carrot cake.

  2. Wednesday said

    ok yeah. so, I miss you guys.

  3. tehartista said

    Then come visit for more than a half hour!

  4. Wednesday said

    I’d love to. I just don’t have any free time, or a car, which limits me to visiting only when something needs to be picked up or delivered. *sad face*

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