Roget’s House of Mystery

Do We Really Need A Title?

Posted by Wes Decker on November 9, 2008


Although our characters were originally based upon ourselves, I think here is where we really see the difference between, for example, myself and my comic counterpart. I would never find myself in this situation, clearly. /sarcasm

Anyway, can you guess how long we’ve been waiting to throw that punchline out? A long time, that’s how long. A very long time. I hope you all voted last week. I meant to remind you and post relevant “please vote” videos, but I forgot. I’m sure you all did your duty as Americans (heheheheheh “duty”, right, Switzerland?) and voted for the candidate(s) of your choice. Too late now, anyway.

Stay cool, ladies and fellas. See you next week.



PS Seriously. You’d better have voted.


4 Responses to “Do We Really Need A Title?”

  1. Little sister said

    I don’t remember if that is my name or not. But I think Charlie could use a princess in his castle.

  2. Wednesday said

    YES! You used my punchline!

  3. Switzerland86 said

    Switzewrland is not your name, little sister. it is my name. and nice burn on charlie…and in NO way equal to real life. /sarcasm.

  4. Phoenix said

    I do believe she was referring to the fact that she had not left a comment in a while, and therefore could not remember her chosen moniker.

    Just cause she’s my sister doesn’t mean she’s stupid too haha

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