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I Will Make It Through This Year

Posted by Wes Decker on January 5, 2009

Wow. Sorry for that SUPER CORNY and probably expected punchline. Deal with it.

How was everyone’s holidays? Relaxing? Good. I had an inch or two of snow on Christmas morning, so that was nice. New Year’s Eve didn’t go exactly as planned. My pessimism immediately kicked in and I figured, “well, at least 2009 can only go up from here.”

As the night went on, I realized that no, that’s a terrible way to look at it. I was spending the first few minutes of 2009 helping a friend in need, and really there’s nothing better than that. This will be a good year.

Also, when did the film industry decide that whenever you have a group of vampire thugs, at least one of them has to be a black dude with dreads, and one of them has to be a grizzled young white dude with long hair?

Ah, flashback humor,


PS Good lord 1999 was ten years ago.
PPS Thanks for all those views on New Year’s Eve, all.


7 Responses to “I Will Make It Through This Year”

  1. Wednesday said


  2. tehartista said

    We don’t have enough comments on here. HERE’S ONE.
    Aren’t vampires sparkly, according to Twilight?

  3. Switzerland86 said

    frakking twilight…

  4. Wednesday said

    I think it’s because they’re greasy. They ooze.

    Also if I want vampires for preteens, I watch Lost Boys.

  5. Wednesday said

    Our comment pages are like chatroom forums for, well, us.

  6. switzerland86 said

    is that a problem? because i don’t see a problem…

    and now for a moment of ADD:

    i love Sailor Jerry Rum!

    /ADD moment.

  7. Phoenix said

    Twilight vampires are sparkly, but in the movie they’re just kinda sweaty.

    Personal forums are always fun!

    And mmm, Sailor Jerry.

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