Roget’s House of Mystery

My Paladin Hit 80 Last Weekend

Posted by Wes Decker on February 2, 2009

No comic this week. Artista’s family is going through some rough times, and as such, I forbade her from worrying about drawing a comic. So please, send your happy thoughts, prayers, voodoo blessings and “may the Force be with you”s her way. Thanks, all.

We’ll get something pretty for you to look at next week.



3 Responses to “My Paladin Hit 80 Last Weekend”

  1. switzerland86 said

    abundant voodoo blessings to artista!

  2. tehartista said

    Aw, thanks :) More drawing soon!

  3. Wednesday said

    No need to say may the force be with you, the force is ALWAYS with her. With you as always.

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