Roget’s House of Mystery

Rachel Ray Scares Me A Little

Posted by Wes Decker on February 9, 2009

Sorry about the short hiatus, folks. But I told you we’d be back with something pretty! Yay!

So, RHoM.omg’s first anniversary is quickly approaching. I know, right? We’ve got a couple things in the works to celebrate, so stay tuned! On that note, anyone have any ideas/requests for tshirts? We’d like to roll those out rather soon, and “fan” input would be appreciated (send your ideas to rhomcomics@gmail.com)!

Couple small changes and one larger planned change here on the RHoM site. I’ve updated the first two strips to be consistent with later, larger sizes. So that’s exciting. Also on the docket is removing the images from the Comic Archive page to make it a little easier on those with slow internet (you’re welcome, Mom and Dad). So keep an eye out for that.

OH ALSO please update your bookmarks from rhom.tk to rhomomg.wordpress.com. Fantastically awesome. Thank you. See you all next week.

I don’t like the way the sky sounds,


PS I wrote this comic pantsless.


8 Responses to “Rachel Ray Scares Me A Little”

  1. tehartista said

    By pantsless do you mean with other clothes on, but just not pants? Because that would be kind of odd… :P

  2. Allison said

    Definitely would buy a “Too Hot for Pants” Shirt or “Zombies Were People Too” Shirt. I also think you could make a group shot shirt that says something like “Roget’s House of Mystery: Where it’s always “No Pant’s o’clock”

    I also like “RHOM loves Wii, but does not support viking baby child labor”

  3. Wednesday said

    I feel kinda bad for that cashier, I mean how much can I subject her to>?

  4. Wednesday said

    I mean Wednesday. How much can Wednesday subject her to>?

  5. switzerland86 said

    *confuses his character with himself…

  6. Phoenix said

    Pretty sure it was other clothes, but no pants.

    Thank you for referencing the Characters page, Switz.

  7. switzerland86 said

    and hearts semicolon!

  8. switzerland86 said

    T-Shirt idea:

    “that’s why i punched a carrot cake”

    “your mom”

    or the panel of wednesday discovering the pepsi Zelda-style

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