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D&D 4.0: Where Charisma Is Actually Useful!

Posted by Wes Decker on March 1, 2009


This was fun to write. It pretty much wrote itself, in fact. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the decency to attach itself to the email I sent to Artista. Some facepalming and d’ohing later, the problem was rectified. Hope you enjoyed that little look behind the scenes.

Here’s another haiku, cause I’m too lazy to blog:

flashing red button
large white sign says, “do not push”
lots of things go boom

G’night, kids.

I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board,


PS Cassie illustrated last week’s haiku. If y’all are real nice, maybe I’ll scan it and post it.


8 Responses to “D&D 4.0: Where Charisma Is Actually Useful!”

  1. Wednesday said

    I am now officially starting the Donald fan club.

  2. Wednesday said

    Also I’m real nice. Sometimes. To some people. I’m kinda nice.

  3. switzerland86 said

    and i’ll start the obligatory “go donald” chant and dance

  4. switzerland86 said

    oh and is donald blushing or is that acne or is it a lil bit of both?

  5. Little sister said

    Please post the illustrations for last week’s haiku? Please?

  6. switzerland86 said

    it’s like phoenix is holding them hostage. we’ll have to pay a ransom to see them, little sister.

  7. cassie said

    don’t let him demand too high of a ransom, he forgot to mention that “illustrated” here means “scribbled on a post-it note”

  8. Wednesday said

    hey, don’t undervalue scribbles on post-it notes.

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