Roget’s House of Mystery

RHoM 2.0! Now With More Shiny!

Posted by Wes Decker on March 30, 2009

Sorry for the lateness, everyone. Once again the day is saved by Cassie and her cute dinosaurs. So, enjoy another adventure in the life of Harlan Dinosaur!

SO! I wrote notes for this week’s blog! Aren’t you excited! Here we go!

Check out the new layout! Isn’t it shiny? Personally, I like it. It’s very clean and organized, which I usually am not. So this is fun. Downside to the new layout, however, a wider middle column means I have to blog more so it looks like I’ve written anything at all. You’ll also hopefully notice, if not, you’d better get your eyes checked, that the comic is now hidden behind a full-size one-panel preview. So, put away your magnifying glasses, people who didn’t know you could click on the comic to enlarge it, and click on the comic to reveal its secrets! Wow. Also. Go ahead and hold your cursor over the newest comic preview. Did you do it? Good. Notice how that ANNOYING “snapshotpreviewpieceofcrapthing” doesn’t pop up any more? YOU’RE WELCOME.

Also! Happy birthday to our associate writer/serial commenter Switzerland last weekend. Hope you had a good one, buddy.

Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.


PS Frak. Going back and creating preview panels has made me want to rewrite entire punchlines and jokes from earlier strips. Gah.


9 Responses to “RHoM 2.0! Now With More Shiny!”

  1. Vivid Butterfly said

    Like I’ve said before, I want to marry Cassie in the least creepiest most heterosexual way possible for Harlan the dinosaur.

  2. Switzerland86 said

    i just like my voice to be heard…tis a pleasing sound. FOR EXAMPLE: even my horrible singing is better than the nails on chalkboard voices that belong to those f***ups at fox news.

    • Switzerland86 said

      and it depends on the season. for example, with the Sharks still playing hockey, my favourite color is Teal. in April, Green becomes a favourite and in September my favourite color shifts to 49ers burgundy.

  3. Little sister said

    It took me so long to figure out how to comment! Dang. Anywho, my actual reason for commenting is that Cassie’s comic made me giggle out loud. I kid you not. My roommate gave me an odd look for laughing at my computer screen. Point for Cassie.

  4. Wednesday said

    My favourite color is FANTASTIC PRIZE color. But I’m not FANTASTIC PRIZE eligible.

    I just gotta have The Sparkly though.

  5. redneckdork said

    hey this was a good comic i laughed in my head cause its hard to laugh out loud

  6. cassie said

    i was wondering what all this random color nonsense was. can i pick ultraviolet or does it have to be visible light?

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