Roget’s House of Mystery

I Feel Happy, I Feel Happy- urk

Posted by Wes Decker on May 8, 2009

That’s right folks, we’re not dead yet. Not at all. Life and her own artistic endeavors have taken away the Time that Artista requires to draw for here, but stick with us. We’ll get something up soon.

Phoenix out.


3 Responses to “I Feel Happy, I Feel Happy- urk”

  1. Switzerland86 said

    “phoenix out?”

    who do you think you are, Ryan Seacrest?

    • Wednesday said

      He IS Ryan Seacrest. Only with talent… And personality… Ok I guess he’s nothing like Ryan Seacrest…

      • Switzerland86 said

        allow me to play devil’s advocate here:

        Ryan Seacrest KNOWS he is a giant douchebag. my evidence: Knocked Up.

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