Roget’s House of Mystery

About the Authors

A group of misfits living in the San Francisco Bay Area. We think we’re awesome. Come laugh with us. Here we are:

Artista (the artist!) will someday take over the world with battalions of squirrels, but until then she just draws them. She often wonders if she’s left the gas on. She’s here to draw (and not much else [except steal Phoenix’s blog thunder, usually after she slacks off]).  She also likes to paint big stuff. [Insert snicker here]

Phoenix (the producer and writer!) is an Eagle Scout, an aspiring archaeologist, and the taskmaster of the comic. He’s here to make sure things get done (and keep Artista in line *whipcrack*). He is the lord of the webpage. He also dislikes writing about himself.

Dr. Duck

Wednesday (the writer! creative consultant! nerd!) says, “I’m the writer? I guess I am. Sorta. More of a ‘Goes off on rambling tangents and mutters to himself, much to the amusement discomfort of those around him.'” He likes html.

Switzerland didn’t live in the House, but he might’ve well have. He was there before, during, and after. He’ll pop up now and again to fill in for us when we’re being slackers.

Cassie is too cool for code names, and has no idea what this whole House of Mystery business is all about. Phoenix likes to steal her doodles and post them when he is being lazy.

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