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Do We Really Need A Title?

Posted by Wes Decker on November 9, 2008


Although our characters were originally based upon ourselves, I think here is where we really see the difference between, for example, myself and my comic counterpart. I would never find myself in this situation, clearly. /sarcasm

Anyway, can you guess how long we’ve been waiting to throw that punchline out? A long time, that’s how long. A very long time. I hope you all voted last week. I meant to remind you and post relevant “please vote” videos, but I forgot. I’m sure you all did your duty as Americans (heheheheheh “duty”, right, Switzerland?) and voted for the candidate(s) of your choice. Too late now, anyway.

Stay cool, ladies and fellas. See you next week.



PS Seriously. You’d better have voted.

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I Want That Shirt

Posted by Wes Decker on November 3, 2008

I made sure not to cover up Charlie’s awesome shirt this week. It’s a bit of an inside joke with the folks at RHoM, some twisted bastard hybrid of Office Space and The Legend of Zelda. We’ve always associated it with Link wearing bling. Maybe that’s just us. I like it.

Hope you all enjoyed our little holiday bonus comic. I’ve enjoyed thinking of fun things to dress our characters up as, and I think Artista has enjoyed giving those ideas life.

I think that’s the groove we’ve started to settle down in to. I’ve always been more of an idea man, not quite so good on the follow-through. I’m thankful to have such a good friend as our Artista to help put those ideas to some use. We’ve got a good thing going on, I think.

Did everyone have a safe and awesome Hallowe’en weekend? I know I did. Best Hallowe’en ever, I might even say. Only three people recognized our costumes. One was a zombie girl working at the haunted house/trail thing. She gave me a high five. It was awesome.

I never kid about quiche,

PS Who else would want an awesome shirt? Leave some ideas in the comment section!

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